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Major Products Of Amada Miyachi America

Dec 15, 2016

Amada Miyachi America specializes in the design and manufacture of welding, marking, cutting and bonding equipment and automated systems. Major products sold include:

1,Standard and customized laser and resistance systems – Application qualification and testing, system specification, assembly, system verification, and installation and training. Included are gloveboxes and dryboxes, tooling, motion, optics, software, monitoring.

2.Laser marking equipment – Fiber laser markers, 1064 nm and 532 nm, Nd:YVO4 laser markers, CO2 laser markers, semi-automated workstations, custom tooling, for OEM or integration, accessories and consumables.

3.Laser welding equipment – Nd:YAG and fiber laser welders, pulsed and continuous wave, automated and semi-automated workstations, fiber optic cables, custom tooling, accessories and consumables.

4.Laser cutting –Systems with up to 5 axes of coordinated motion, proprietary position-based firing laser control, for stainless steel, copper, silver, titanium, platinum iridium, and plastics.

5.Resistance welding – Power supplies (linear DC, high and mid frequency inverters, capacitive discharge, AC weld controls), weld monitors and checkers, displacement monitors, weld heads (manual and air actuated, servo-motor controlled, electromagnetic), accessories and consumables.

6.Heat seal bonding – Reflow and heat seal power supplies, automated and semi-automated workstations, FPD repair stations, thermodes, accessories and consumables for connecting flexible circuits and PC boards or LCD screens.