Milestone In The History Of Welding

Milestone In The History Of Welding

Oct 24, 2014

1856: England physicist James Joule discovered the principle of resistance welding. 

     1862: Woehler with two calcium carbide to produce acetylene gas. 

     1876: Americans John A. Tobin received a high-strength solder patent is called Tobin (Tobin)'s. Having a composition of Cu - Sn - Zn alloy. 

     1881: Frenchman De Meritens invented the earliest carbon arc welding machine. 

     1881: Dr. RH Thurston United States took six years to complete the full range of copper - zinc alloy solder in terms of strength and extensibility of all experiments. 

     1882: austenitic manganese England Robert A. Hadfield invented and named after him to get a patent. 

     1885: American Elihu Thompson patented resistance welding machine. 

     1885: Russians Benardos Olszewski greatly developed carbon arc welding technology.

     1889-1890: American CL Coffin first use light wire electrodes for arc welding. 

     1890; Americans CL Coffin proposed the concept of welding in the oxidation medium. 

     1890: British Brown first use of oxygen were added to the gas cut bank robbery attempt. 

     1892: American Willson and Morehead produced the two calcium carbide. 

     1895: Bavarian Konrad Roentgen observed phenomenon when the X-ray beam of electrons flow through the tube. 

     1895: Frenchman Le Chatelier received a certificate invention oxyacetylene flame. 

     1896: According to reports in the U.S. city of Cleveland, Ohio, to produce the first electric welding pipe. 

     1900: Goldschmidt AG West Germany (Orgotheus Inc.USA) company Hans Goldschmidt invented by an external heat source to make aluminum powder and a metal oxide exothermic reaction started welding methods both thermite welding. 

     1900: Frenchman Fouch and Picard produced the first oxyacetylene torch. 

     1901 German Menne invented the oxygen lance cutting 

     1904 American Avery invented the portable cylinders 

     When the 1907 removal of the old Central Station in New York, due to the use of oxyacetylene cutting save more than 20% of the project cost 

     October 1907 Swede O. Kjellberg improved electrode (on the outside metal rod used as a filler metal and coated with a conductive electrode arc stability, protection and other functions of drug skin) 

     1909 Schonherr invention the plasma arc (the arc of a gas vortex generated by using the steady flow after) 

     1911 by the Philadelphia & Suburban Gas Company built the first solvent welding welding using oxygen pipeline (11 miles long) 

     1912 The first root oxyacetylene welding steel pipe market 

     1912 located in Philadelphia Edward G. Budd Company produced the first one to use resistance spot welding steel car body 

     About 1912 Ford Motor Company for the production of the famous Model T, in its own factory laboratory complete with modern welding technology 

     1913 in the United States Indianapolis Avery Fisher perfected and acetylene cylinders 

     In 1917 during World War arc welding repair using the 109 seized from German marine engines and use these vessels repaired the 500,000 American soldiers transported to France 

     1917 at the Webster & Southbridge Massachusetts Electric Company to use electric arc welding equipment welding the 11 miles long and 3 inches in diameter pipeline 

     1919 Comfort A.Adams formed the American Welding Society (AWS) 

     1920 The first all-welded hull of a steamboat Fulagar No. launched in the UK 

     About 1920 using ERW welded steel pipe production methods (The Johnson Process) obtained a patent 

     The first one is about 1920 tankers using the welding method of manufacturing in the United States launched Poughkeepsie Socony No. 

     About 1920 flux cored wire is used for hardfacing 

     1922: Prairie pipeline companies use oxyacetylene welding technology, successfully completed from Mexico to Texas Sasi has a diameter of 8 inches, laying work up to 140 miles of crude oil pipelines. 

     1923: Tito Difa Ming surfacing. 

     1923: The world's first floating roof storage tank (used to store gasoline or other chemicals) completed; Its advantages are welded together by floating roof and the tank wall composed like a telescope can be raised or lowered as tanks so you can easily change the volume of the tank. 

     1924: Magnolia gas companies use oxyacetylene welding technology to build a natural gas pipeline 14 miles long all-welded structure. 

     1924: In the United States the first use of X rays by HHLester photography for Boston Edison Company's power plant steam pressure test casting quality 8.3Mpa to be installed. 

     1926: The United States Langmuir invention of atomic hydrogen welding. 

     1926: U.S. Alexandre CO2 gas shielded arc welding invention principles. 

     1926: The company pioneered by American AOSmith introduced in the outer metal electrode arc welding method using extrusion coated solid protective coating (ie, manual arc welding) production methods. 

     1926: chromium-tungsten-cobalt alloy welding consumables won the first patent on the flux-cored wire. 

     1926: American M.Hobart and PKDevers obtained using helium as a shielding gas arc patents. 

     1927: Lindberg driving alone by Ryan monoplane aircraft successfully flew over the Atlantic Ocean, the aircraft fuselage is made of all-welded steel pipe structures. 

     1928: The first structural steel welding and regulations, "the building structure rules for fusion welding and gas cutting," published by the American Welding Society, this legislation is today's "D1.1 structural steel welding rules," the predecessor. 

     1930: Georgia Railway Centre for laying railway tunnel in two with a continuous welding. Put into use when welding rail line through two years later. 

     1930: former Soviet Union Robinov invention submerged. 

     1931: All steel manufactured by welding process consisting of the Empire State Building was built. 

     1933: The first electric arc welding process using a joint-free structure of long-distance pipeline liner paved. 

     1933: It was the world's highest suspension bridge in San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge opened to traffic, she is by 87,750 tons of steel welded blocks. 

     1934: Barton Welding Institute was founded. 

     Europe's largest all-welded iron bridge on the first Niebo River - Barton Bridge 

     1934: Non-heated Pressure Vessel Code cooperation by API-ASME published. 

     1935: The United States of Linde Air Products Company perfected the submerged arc welding technology. 

     1936: Swiss Wasserman invention low temperature brazing. 

     1939: The United States Reinecke invention plasma flow gun. 

     1940: The first all-welded ship Exchequer number one in the United States Ingalls shipyard built into the water. 

     1941: Meredith Americans invented the tungsten inert gas shielded arc welding (helium arc). 

     1941: During World War II ships, aircraft, tanks and all kinds of heavy weapons manufacturing uses a lot of welding technology. 

     1964: hot wire welding method and coordinated control MIG welding method patent protection granted to the Americans Manz. 

     1965: welded Appllo 10 spacecraft to the moon successfully. 

     1967: The world's first successful laying of submarine pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico, which is used by the United States KrankPilia's Hot thread technology and welding technology made of. 

     1968: Naval Ship Engineering Center and by the United States Steel Corporation jointly invest 230 million dollars successfully developed a special steel pressure vessel and the hull (HY -130). 

     1968: In the 22 or more layers of welding Chicago JohnHancock center and became the world's tallest acute angle-shaped steel structure, height of 1107 feet.