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Recent Innovations Of Amado Miyachi America

Dec 15, 2016

Amada Miyachi America has continued to develop a number of technical innovations in the past decade. Key examples include:

1,Application of three-dimensional laser cutting for production of arthroscopic surgery devices – Amada Miyachi America developed a method of using a five-axis motion platform to achieve true three dimensional contour cutting for a shaver used to cut away and remove unwanted fragments of the cartilage from a joint during arthroscopic surgery. With this technique, the edge quality of the laser cut tube is nearly flawless, minimizing the extent of secondary manufacturing process steps. This means better shavers, better surgeries, lower risks and ultimately a better quality of life for many people.

2,New welding technique enables crack free welding of high silicon Al-Si controlled expansion alloys and aluminum 4047 for aerospace electronic packages – Using a novel concept, Amada Miyachi America enabled crack free welding of 70 percent silicon alloys, which are lightweight, high thermal conductivity alloys that are increasingly being used for RF and microwave packages and other critical heat sinking applications for the aerospace industry. Amada Miyachi America modified the solidification process without using post weld heat treatment. By using a fillet weld geometry and moving the weld close to the edge of the package the isotherms around the weld are modified such that the thermal gradient is reduced and re-orientated. The result included crack free welds in the highest silicon content alloy CE7. In addition the laser parameters process windows for lower silicon content alloys was significantly increased.

3,Advances in laser welding systems and technology for medical device manufacturing – Amada Miyachi America developed motion and laser control techniques beneficial to hermetic laser seam welding of implantable devices. Using special software to achieve “position-based firing” along the contour, Amada Miyachi America developed a method that fired the laser not at a constant repetition rate, but rather in response to its actual position along the contour at any point in time. In addition, Amada Miyachi America developed new metals joining production methods using “green light” (532 nm) pulsed welding lasers. The availability of a reliable green light (532 nm) laser welder facilitates precision welding of copper and gold alloys, a true metallurgical weld as an alternative to conventional soldering, consistent high-reliability electrical connections with no long term resistance drift, and a non-contact process that completely eliminates risks of electro-static discharge or physical damage to the parts being joined.

4,New force-based bend align method increases yield and throughput for manufacturing pump lasers for the telecom industry – Amada Miyachi America developed a unique force-based algorithm used for deforming pump laser diode packages back into alignment. The packages are part of fiber laser amplifiers used to boost a telecommunications signal as it’s transmitted over vast distances. With the force based bend align method, the signal is peaked faster and in many cases with increased coupling over position based systems. The increased coupling provides improved amplification of the signal and greater signal to noise ratio.

5,Enabling high performance optoelectronic modules using novel gas-conserving resistance welding electrode system – Amada Miyachi America developed a new projection welding technique that dramatically reduces the amount of Xenon gas needed to backfill a package. Xenon has good thermal properties that aid in transporting reliability-reducing heat away from the electronic device. In addition, it is an inert gas, which does not enter into slow chemical reactions with other materials that can be a root cause of degraded performance and reliability. However, it is extremely expensive, about $150 a liter and many existing processes waste significant quantities of the costly gas during backfilling. The new cap welding technique uses an innovative electrode vacuum and gas backfill system that enables packages to be evacuated, and then filled with gas before being hermetically sealed using projection welding. This process consumes as little as 5 cubic centimeters of Xenon gas, costing only $0.75 per part.

In November 2012, Amada Miyachi America was named one of 14 finalists in the Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Awards, presented by the Los Angeles Business Journal andNantWorks. Miyachi America was honored as an organization that expands the boundaries of its industry and leads the region in impactful innovat.