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Silver Electrode Welding Professional Committee On Chinese Installation Of Any Use

Oct 24, 2014

This year's data show that welders in the welding industry, more and more tight, companies increasingly industry to work together, along with innovation, so as to further the development of the welding industry, and organized, and the participants were not only in the welding industry, welding technology rely on personal development is not enough innovation, which requires social organizations and enterprises is the platform for international and domestic services, and welder welding industry services, so as welders solve practical technical problems, but also for enterprises to solve welding there are encountered thorny China installation Association's current leadership, as well as some of the construction group's experience, as well as some of the welding industry has a high awareness of the staff, while China Association rather than installing it relates to the welding industry, but also electricity, oil, and steel industries, the conference on "Install industry Association of welding equipment, welder's skill is not simply to make the service, but also for constantly updated and innovative new technologies to make the collection development, I believe more difficult it is to hire welding talent, companies should take the lead to develop talent, which is eternal does not become law, but also the future development of a fundamental, any business enterprise itself Less talent, talent is the driving force for enterprise development, and China installation Association on the one hand to make some research standards for welding consumables industry, but also for the welder to do technical training and examinations. 

  In October this year, when and cutting products recommended Manual "for the further discussion instructions. 

Installation work done by the Association for the development of not only manifested in the welding industry to contribute, but also cooperation with major metal processing enterprises for welding installation technology development and make efforts to update the results of the problem, which is the future of welding Installation Association the direction of development, and only really available to do really useful, really solve the problem, so the welding installation Association before we can develop better, more reasonable and comprehensive. Welding material 

The role of the Professional Committee of China welding installation