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Stainless Steel Electrode

Dec 22, 2017

In addition to the stainless steel electrode to meet the general welding process performance and mechanical properties of welded joints, but also to ensure that the welded joints to meet certain requirements of corrosion resistance. On the skin and welding core, usually have to consider the following requirements:
1) Through the welding core and skin transition alloying elements, the weld metal into a certain amount of austenite and ferrite containing organizations to ensure that the weld metal has both good crack resistance, and good resistance Corrosion of the corresponding media capacity.
2) through the welding core or coating, the weld metal can infiltrate a certain amount of carbide forming elements (such as niobium, molybdenum, titanium, etc.) and carbon to form a stable carbide to prevent the formation of chromium carbide grain boundaries Things.
3) The increase of carbon will promote the intergranular corrosion of the austenitic stainless steel (or ferritic stainless steel) weld, so the carbon content in the welding core and the raw material of the coating should be strictly controlled. It is recommended to use low carbon or super Low-carbon welding core, the use of low-carbon or carbon-free iron alloy and metal elements as raw materials for medicine.
4) Strict control of stainless steel welding core and skin in the sulfur, phosphorus content, in order to reduce the risk of weld hot cracking.

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