The International Welding Society (IIW) 2018 Research Progress Was Officially Launched

The International Welding Society (IIW) 2018 Research Progress Was Officially Launched

Dec 20, 2018

The International Welding Society (IIW) 2018 Research Progress 

was officially launched

      Academician Guan Qiao of Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Manufacturing Engineering, Professor Tian Zhiling, Vice President of China Welding Society, Professor Li Xiaoyan, Vice Chairman and Researcher of Treasurer Wang Linshu, and some editors and representatives of 22 experts and scholars attended the conference. The meeting was attended by the Deputy Chairman of the China Mechanical Engineering Society Zhang Yanmin, the Academician Lin Shangyang of the Harbin Welding Research Institute, the Chairman of the Welding Society, Professor Feng Jicai, and the Vice President and Secretary General He Shi. Zhang Yanmin, executive vice chairman, wished "the normalization of IIW research progress". Academician Lin Shangyang put forward requirements for the preparation of 2018. He hoped that the editorial committees could refine the guiding directionality from the international development trend and combined with China's national conditions. opinion".

        IIW is the world's most influential international welding academic organization. It is currently organized by 61 member countries around the world. It has more than 20 professional academic institutions covering all aspects of the welding field. IIW holds an annual academic conference and gathers experts and scholars from the world's well-known welding and related fields. Its academic activities represent the highest level of international welding academics and applications. The latest developments in these research and applications are introduced to the domestic market to promote the welding field in China. The improvement of research and application level is of great significance. With the support of the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering, the Welding Society first carried out the preparation of the "International Welding Society (IIW) 2017 Research Progress" in 2017, which was welcomed and praised by the internal industry.

      The meeting was chaired by Vice Chairman Li Xiaoyan. Academician Guan Guan spoke at the meeting. Guan Guan reviewed the previous Chinese welding delegation's participation in the IIW annual meeting and pointed out that the preparation of "IIW Research Progress" is a very meaningful work, with the latest research and application reflected in the planned and systematic IIW annual meeting. It is the unshirkable responsibility of the Institute to share the progress of the welding workers in the country and should adhere to it for a long time. Vice Chairman Tian Zhiling and Vice Chairman Wang Linshu also made statements.

      Professor Li Xiaoyan, the editor-in-chief, announced that the preparation of the 2018 year was officially launched, and the appointment letters were issued for the editors and reviewers of the conference.

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