Tower Shaft Kiln Cement Plant Tray Unloader Tooth Plate Welding Methods And Benefits

Tower Shaft Kiln Cement Plant Tray Unloader Tooth Plate Welding Methods And Benefits

Oct 24, 2014

A cement plant, using a 2.9 m × 10 m dish tower shaft kiln. With the tooth plate 12 and the movable tooth plate 12 on which the static discharge, whose function is to complete the clinker crushing. Under normal circumstances, a new tooth plate after one year (approximately around 70,000 tons of clinker crusher), due to badly worn tooth plate, which would seriously affect the quality and yield of fragmentation can not be used again. However, with the D698 electrode old worn teeth tooth plate to its original size after surfacing continued use, you can then use for two years, a new tooth plate to extend life than doubled. Saving 36,720 yuan. 

1, welding methods: 

(1) Before using D698 electrodes, welding tooth plate, to its instructions for use, the electrode drying, cleaning up weldment preheating, slow cooling after welding. 

(2) to choose the power of 10 kVA or 20 kVA DC over AC Welder above. DC welder to reverse (then the positive electrode). When welding, AC welder requires load voltage ≥70V, the current should have about 200A. Such as no-load voltage is below 70V, to increase the current to the electrode and the base metal full fusion prevail. Ratio of bead width and height of 3: 1 is appropriate. So really firm and base metal fused to form the desired tissue abrasion. 

2 Benefit Analysis 

Movable tooth plate due to badly worn, they are only 12 fixed tooth plate were surfacing. A new tooth plate 1660 yuan, 12 new tooth plate for 19,920 yuan. Surfacing 12 tooth plate D698 electrode 60 kg, 45 yuan per kilogram welding with welding costs 2700 yuan; electricity and labor costs 35 yuan each, 12 total 420 yuan tooth plate. 

(A) does not surfacing tooth plate discharge, two movable tooth plate to be 24, the cost is: 1600 (yuan) × 24 (block) = 39840 (yuan); 

(2) surfacing tooth plate discharge, two years at a cost of: Welding fee + electrical charge and labor costs = 2700 (yuan) +420 (RMB) = 3120 (yuan); 

(3) two years of savings: 39,840 (RMB) - Yuan) = 36,720 (RMB).