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Types Of Cold Welding

Dec 15, 2016

A welded wire mesh fence is a steel fence using wire strands welded together to form a high strength mesh. Welded wire mesh fences are used predominantly as high security barriers where visibility through the fence is necessary or desirable.

By finishes

1,Powder coating



4,Painted or sprayed

5,Stainless steel

By gauge

1,Wire thickness, typically wire from 2mm to 8mm is used

2,Horizontal wire pitch, this is the distance between two horizontal wire strands, typically 12.7mm to 200mm

3,Vertical wire pitch, this is the distance between two vertical wire strands, typically 10mm to 76.2mm


1,Around Public buildings, such as the Union Buildings in Pretoria

2,Around private offices, where visibility is desirable 

3,Residential perimeter fence

4,Around prisons, secure hospitals and military installations

5,Country borders

6,In parks, zoos and nature reserves Welded wire mesh fence used in a park to prevent people entering a restricted zone