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Welding Innovation Platform 2018 The Annual Innovation Project Final Review Meeting Was Held In Xi'an, And Four Projects Were Awarded. Platform Funding

Jan 21, 2019

International Welding Society (IIW) 2018 Research Progress and Welding Innovation Research Symposium was held in Xi'an on January 10, 2019. The final review of the 2018 Innovation Project of the Welding Innovation Platform was held at the conference.

The person in charge of the welding innovation platform, the vice chairman of the Welding Society of China Mechanical Engineering Society, and Professor Li Xiaoyan of Beijing University of Technology presided over the meeting. Professor Li Xiaoyan introduced the collection and preliminary review of the 2018 annual innovation project of the welding innovation platform: In the 2018 annual welding innovation platform, 23 innovative projects were collected, and the applicants were from young scholars in domestic universities, research institutes and business circles. The preliminary review meeting was held in Lanzhou City on September 18, 2018, and five projects were selected for final review. Professor Li Xiaoyan also introduced the basis of the rules and ratings of this final review.

The review experts invited by the conference are: Professor Zou Guisheng of Tsinghua University, Professor Shi Chunyuan of Dalian Jiaotong University, Professor Zhang Keke of Henan University of Science and Technology, Professor Zhao Haiyan of Tsinghua University, Chen Yan, Researcher of China Aviation Manufacturing Technology Research Institute, Professor Wang Min of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Professor Zhu Zhiming of Tsinghua University Professor Yan Jiuchun from Harbin Institute of Technology, Ma Zongyi, Research Fellow, Shenyang Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Dong Shiyun, Academy of Armored Force Engineering.

According to the order of the lottery before the meeting, the five applicants carried out a five-minute project report in turn, and answered the questions of the review experts. According to the innovation of the project research ideas, the reality of the research results, the contribution of the project implementation to the society, and the contribution of the project implementation to the industry, the evaluation experts rated each application project according to the total score of the application project. The conference finally selected four projects as the welding innovation platform 2018 annual funding innovation projects:

   Non-axisymmetric rotating tungsten GTAW ultra-narrow gap welding technology;

      Civil aircraft engine combustion chamber micro forging pressure auxiliary laser additive repair;

      Research on key technologies for the industrialization of aluminum alloy resistance spot welding for the body;

     Titanium alloy intelligent structure ultrasonic welding manufacturing technology.

Professor Li Xiaoyan announced the final review results and announced the signing of the 2019 Innovation Project of the Welding Innovation Platform. The set is about to start. The 2019 Innovation Project will be free to apply for the first time, expecting more and better innovations.Into the welding innovation platform, to help China's welding technology continuous, steady innovation and development.

China Society of Mechanical Engineering Welding Society, Welding Innovation Platform

January 10, 2019