Welding Rod For Cast Iron

Welding Rod For Cast Iron

May 28, 2020

Description OF welding rod for cast iron

 An all position Medium heavy coated, graphite based cast iron electrodes. It deposits Nickel and Iron alloy weld metal, which is ductile and machineable, joining various types of cast Iron including nodular cast iron.

Applications of welding rod iron

Joining for non-ferrous and ferrous material, Heavy castings where machinability is required, Repair of broken castings, Engine heads, Pumps casing, ingot moulds.

Feature OF welding rod 5mm

1) Pure nickel core
2) Strong reducing property
3) Graphite type welding rod 
4) Weldment: no need to preheat, good crack resistibility and process-ability
5) Both AC and DC applicable
6) Relatively expensive
7) Used for welding thin cast iron piece and repairing welding
surfaces, such as the cast iron parts of cylinder covers,
engine bases, gearcases and lathe guide rails