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Welding Rod For Mild Steel

May 29, 2020

welding rod j38 12  welding rod j38

E6013 is a mild-steel, all position, generalpurpose cellulose-base rod. It operates on AC or DC welding current and works well on low voltage AC machines. E6013 is an excellent choice where there is poor fit-up in the joint.It deposits easily and smoothly producing medium to shallow penetration. Small sizes are well adapted to low heat on thin metals.Medium to heavy slag is easily removed and provides for excellent weld cleaning action during the welding process. E6013 is a great selection for all types of mild steel fabrications or repairs where ease of operation and good bead appearance are required.

Tips of welding rod for mild steel

  • Pay attention not to exceed the range of proper currents. Welding with excessive current not only lowers X-ray soundness, but also causes increase of spatter, under-cut and insufficient slag covering.

  • Dry the electrodes at 70-100 degrees C for 30-60 minutes before use. Excessive moisture absorption lowers usability and may result in some porosities.

  • Excessive drying before use causes less in penetration and overheating of the electrode.

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