What Are The Welding Hand Tools?

What Are The Welding Hand Tools?

Mar 12, 2018

1 Reciprocating Saws Best for rough cutting of bars, profiles, tubes and plates.

2 Portable Manual Band Saw It is possible to cut exactly according to the marking tip, which is most suitable for the cutting of pipes, but it is not very suitable for cutting large quantities of plates.

3 Electric drill For drilling before gas cutting starts, or drill mounting holes in the workpiece.

4 The grinding wheel slicing machine is most suitable for cutting the bar stock and the pipe material. It is not suitable for cutting the plate material and the large-diameter pipe material. It is also difficult to cut accurately.

5 Portable Grinding Wheel Used to remove scale, dirt, and paint on the surface of the workpiece before welding. It is also suitable for grinding rough joint edges and poorly formed welds.

6 Bench grinding wheel or pedestal grinding wheel The same as the portable grinding wheel, but it can not be polished on the spot. Grind the workpiece to the place where there is grinding wheel.

7 Cutting torches for gas cutting and plasma arc cutting For fast cutting of plates, profiles and large diameter tubes.

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