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Why Need The E6011 E6010 Cellulose Electrode?

Mar 05, 2018

 E6010 E6011 electrode, with the development of oil pipeline laying project, Changed the ordinary welding upright vertical welding process, the original horizontal fixed tubular docking full position operation method, changed to a similar flat welding method of down welding, arc welding from 12 o'clock position to the lower part of the nozzle 6 o'clock position end, improve the melting efficiency of 1 to 3 times, well received by the construction unit of the pipeline. West-East Gas Pipeline project in large-diameter pipe (Ī¦1016) root backing welding and some pipe multi-layer welding are used Cellulose welding rod welding. Cellulose electrode vertical downward welding, the arc has a penetration depth, penetrating power, the root of the bottom welding single-sided double-sided forming good stomata sensitivity is small, the operation is difficult, high quality inside and outside the weld, easy to grasp the welder, Short training time. Widely used in petrochemical, natural gas, electricity, civil industry, oil, gas, water pipe laying large-diameter construction. Welcome to contact with us

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