Reusable Face Shield Medical

It is fixed with snap fastener, simple and easy to operate The stretching belt is fixed on the lens with plastic buttons, which can not only adjust the tightness of the wearer, but also increase the firmness of the mask


                                                          Reusable face shield medical

Product Specification:

1. Anti fog effect 100%

2. Can be used multiple times (without being washed)

3. Environmental protection, non-toxic

4. Long storage time

5. Lens specification: 33cm * 19cm * 0.018cm

Sponge: stick together with the lens at the front of the forehead

Product Features:

1. Excellent impact resistance

The face shield is made of PET material, colorless and transparent. It has excellent impact resistance and can effectively protect the face, skin and eyes

2. Made of anti-fog material

It has the characteristics of double-sided anti fog, anti-static and anti vertigo. It can effectively prevent the blurred vision caused by temperature difference and water vapor, and has no irritating effect on the eyes

3. Light weight

The weight of the screen is relatively light, and our material mechanism is relatively light

4. Chemical splash

Effectively avoid potential injury to human body caused by splashing of patients' blood, body fluids and harmful chemicals,

Therefore, it is widely used in hospitals, laboratories, chemical plants and other special places

5. Hot oil splash

The heat, smoke and oil in the kitchen will cause damage to the skin. The frying method will make the hot oil splash, which is easy to splash the face skin. The screen can block the hot oil

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