Stainless Steel Electrode AWS E316-16

Product Description 1. Company name: Lin'an Dayang Welding Material Co., Ltd 2. Place of origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland) 3. Brand name: Ocean Welding 4. Product name: Welding Electrode E316-16 5. Model number: E316-16 6. Operating Current: International Standard 7. Welding Current:...

Product Details

Product Description

1.       Company name: Lin'an Dayang Welding Material Co., Ltd
2.         Place of origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

3.            Brand name: Ocean Welding

4.         Product name: Welding Electrode E316-16

5.         Model number: E316-16

6.    Operating Current: International Standard

7.      Welding Current: International Standard

8.     Operating Tem...: International Standard

9.              Application: High strength ash iron and ball mill

10.                    Color: Orange and grey or as your erquirement

11.                    Type: Stainless steel

12.                 Usages: For stainless steel structure welding

13.           Advantages: Small Spatter and easy to strike arc

14.                     OEM: Accept OEM

15.                 Feature: Excellent welding performance

16.          Raw material: We will not put on production unless we got the quality certification of raw material.

17.                  Sample: You can have samples if you want.

18.                Webside:

19.      Web on Alibaba:
20.               Standard: AWS A.5.4

21.               Diameter: 1.6mm 2.0mm 2.5mm 3.2mm 4.0mm 5.0mm

22.                  Length: 300mm-500mm

23.            Advantages: Less spatter and easy to strike arc

24.            Certification: ISO  CE

Chemical Composition of Deposited Metal: (%)

   C  Mn  Si  P  S  Cr  Ni  Mo
 Standard  ≤0.08  0.5-2.5  ≤0.90  ≤0.040  ≤0.030  17.0-20.0  11.0-14.0  2.0-3.0
 Typical  0.043  0.95  0.65  0.020  0.010  18.5  11.60  2.3


a.AWS E316-16 deposited metal is a stable austenite structure containing 18Cr-12Ni-2Mo.Due to the Mo element content in it,it shows excellent properties in resisting corrosion of acetic acid,sulphuric acid,phosphate acid as well as salt,and has good high temperature crack-resistance.

b.Both AC and DC can be applied and it can be used for all position welding with excellent welding performances and good mechanical properties.

a.Before welding,the welding electrodes should be baked at the temperature from300-350℃ for one hour.

b.The stainless steel brush must be used to clean the weld seam,in order to avoid iron filings penetrating there to affect its quality.

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