Stainless Steel Rod E309L-16

E309L-16 is an ultra-low carbon Cr23Ni13 stainless steel electrode with a titanium-calcium type coating. AC and DC. Since the carbon content is low, it can resist intergranular corrosion due to carbide precipitation even when it does not contain a stabilizer such as barium-titanium.

Product Details


Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Ocean Welding

Model Number: E309L-16

Diameter: 2.0mm,2.5mm,3.2mm,4.0mm

Length: 300mm-500mm

Material: Stainless Steel

Operating Current: International standard

Welding Current: International standard

Operating Tempe:International standard

Application: synthetic fiber, petrochemical equipment,ect.

Color: grey-white

MOQ:1 ton


      1kg/2.0kg/2.5kg/5kg/plastic boxes; 20kg/ carton; 1ton per pallet


     Delivery time:     It it normally about 25 days after your confirmation

Chemical composition of Deposited Metal (%)



    Welding of Stainless steels to carbon and low alloy steels such as synthetic fibre,petroleum, chemical equipment and nuclear reactor.

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E309L-16 (1)

E309L-16 (2)

E309L-16 (4)

E309L-16 (12)