Quality First, Credit First And Service First

Quality First, Credit First And Service First

Jul 25, 2018

Welcome To Lin'an Dayang Welding Material Co., Ltd.

    Lin'an Dayang Welding Material Co.,Ltd., located in the western part of Hangzhou,was established at the beginning of this century. It is a specialized company,which develop and produce all kinds of welding materials.It adhere to the concept of professional focus,science and technology innovation,adopting the advanced technology and equipment,and implementing the international quality standard.

    Lin’an Dayang Welding Material Co.Ltd mainly export welding materials and the amount is up to 10 million tons.The products are mainly exported to America, Russia,Germany,Indonesia,Thailand,Singapore, Bengal etc. And they think highly of our poducts all the time.

    In the days of 21st century,we will be committed to the development of the management system, deepening the series product, improving the product quality, exploring the international market actively. Customers at home and abroad are sincerely invited to visit,call and hold talks on internet.

Welding electrodes

    Welding electrodes are metal wires with baked on chemical coatings. The rod is used to sustain the welding arc and to provide the filler metal required for the joint to be welded. The coating protects the metal from damage, stabilizes the arc, and improves the weld. The diameter of the wire, less the coating, determines the size of the welding rod. This is expressed in fractions of an inch such as 3/32", 1/8", or 5/32." The smaller the diameter means it requires less current and it deposits a smaller amount of filler metal.

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Welding Wires

    MIG and flux-cored welding offer advantages over other welding processes, especially for the novice. With these two processes, the welding machine creates an arc between the work piece (what you want to weld) and a continuously consumable electrode (the "wire" in these wire welding processes). The operator need only focus on directing the MIG gun at the joint and proper motion. Most welding machines that can MIG weld can also flux-cored weld.