RBCuZn-C Brass Alloy Welding Wire

RBCuZn-C is also HS222,HS222 is a brass wire containing a small amount of iron, tin, silicon, manganese and other elements. The melting point is about 860 ° C, the fluidity is good, silicon can effectively control the evaporation of zinc, eliminate the weld porosity and obtain satisfactory mechanical properties.

Product Details

Product Information

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Ocean welding/DAYANG

Model Number: RbCuZn-C

Diameter: 1.0-6.0mm

Length:As customer's requirement

Material: Copper / Copper Alloy

Operating Current: AC/DC

Welding Current: 50-240A

Operating Temperature: Standard 

Application: Braze welding of copper,steel

Color: Golden

OEM: We accept OEM

Certificates: ISO,CE,SGS

Packing: 5kg/ Blue tube or plastic box

Standard: AWS RBCuZn-C

Usages: welding steel

Samples: free samples

Melt Point: 860℃

RBCuZn-C Chemical Component(%)



      1.The welded part of the weldment and the surface of the wire must be carefully cleaned before welding.

       2.Generally, it is necessary to preheat the electrode to 400-500 degrees Celsius and then weld it. For oxyacetylene flame welding, it must be equipped with copper gas flux.

       3.The welding flame should adopt neutral flame or slight oxidation flame, properly reduce the welding temperature, increase the welding speed, minimize the residence time of the molten pool at high temperature, and reduce the evaporation and oxidation of zinc.


      Brass oxygen-acetylene gas welding and carbon arc welding as a filling material. Can also be used for brazing copper, steel, copper-nickel alloy, gray cast iron and inlaid carbide tools.

Package Information

      5kgs per blue tube or plastic box; 500kgs per wooden case.

Delivery Information

      1.Delivery time: Normally about 25 days after your comfirmation

       2. Shipping port: Shanghai; Ningbo; Yiwu

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