Welding Brass To Stainless Steel

Welding Brass To Stainless Steel

Jun 10, 2020

                                           Welding brass to stainless steel

Question : Copper pipe (diameter 8mm) and stainless steel pipe are welded together (diameter 80mm). Copper pipe is welded to the wall of stainless steel pipe. What method can be used to ensure the welding quality.

Answer: 1. Use silver solder. TIG welding is faster and looks good. During the operation, the copper tube must be heated first, and the temperature can reach the silver solder before sticking, and then the welding gun can swing towards the stainless steel. The residence time of copper is long, and the residence time of stainless steel is very short.

2. The best way is to braze. Add silver electrode. 

The main difficulty in welding steel to copper and copper alloys,that cracks are easily generated in the weld and fusion zone. In order to ensure that the weld has a sufficiently high crack resistance, the mass fraction of iron in the weld should be controlled at 10% to 43%.

(1) Welding methods and welding materials When welding low-carbon steel to copper and copper alloys, manual arc welding, submerged arc welding, and tungsten arc welding can be used. When welding low-carbon steel and pure copper, pure copper is used as the filler metal material, such as electrode TCu (T107); tungsten electrode argon arc welding, using silicon manganese bronze QSi3-1 welding wire. 


1.When welding low carbon steel with silicon bronze and aluminum bronze, aluminum bronze can be used as the filler metal material.

2.When welding stainless steel to copper, nickel or nickel-based alloy is used as filler metal material

3.The melting point of copper is 1083.4 degrees, the melting point of iron is 1534.8 degrees. The melting point of stainless steel is as high as 1500 ℃-1600 ℃,

4.Copper and iron can be welded, a variety of methods 1. Copper wire, MIG welding; 2. Brazing; 3. Friction welding, depending on the specific workpiece.

5.The common method is flame brazing, use copper wire, and add borax flux.

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