Full Face Shield Mask Lowes

The full face shield mask is more effective to provide safety conditions for the medical staff, and the protective effect is better when it is combined with protective clothing and medical mask. Sponge and lens are pasted together at the front of the forehead of the mask, which can not only absorb sweat, but also relieve the pressure caused by wearing for a long time. Moreover, the unique groove sponge design can increase air flow and increase the comfort of medical staff when wearing


                                      Full face shield mask lowes


Full face shield mask is comfortable, convenient and beautiful. It can also prevent blurred vision caused by temperature difference and water vapor, and has no irritating effect on eyes. The disposable medical protective screen not only has the function of eye protection of common eye mask, but also is a simple, safe, comfortable and primary new protective product which integrates eye protection, mouth protection and nose protection. And it doesn't affect wearing glasses.

Full face shield mask  can provide more effective safety conditions for medical staff. The product not only has the eye protection function of ordinary eye mask, but also can prevent the blurred vision caused by temperature difference and water vapor, and has no stimulation effect on the eyes.

Full face shield mask  can be used in daily protection for family, hospital and other health research institutions, food, cosmetics and other industries

Full face shield mask  can protect the user's face from splashing substances It can be divided into helmet type face shield and headwear type face shield. According to its use and function, it can also be divided into welding face shield, chemical face shield, impact face shield, etc.

Full face shield mask  features and advantages:

1. Highly transparent, scratch resistant, super acid and alkali resistant PET film

2. It can cover myopia glasses directly, convenient for work

3. Good anti fog performance

4. Large protection area, covering the whole face

5. Ergonomic design, comfortable to wear, no pressure


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